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It was last Friday. The week has been quite an uphill challenge for me, so B planned for a Portuguese date night of great food. Food always makes me happy and it was my very first time tasting Portuguese and I must say the fresh flavours and poultry and seafood are never compromised but promised in the delightful Portuguese style of cooking. Sauces, gravy and dips are always complementary to the main ingredient. We came for our couple favourite, the Grilled Octopus over potatoes and left with many favourites in our hearts. One in particular, is the tangy Garlic Butter Prawns served on a hot plate. We were asked if we needed extra French loaves to soak and savour the sweet juice produced by the heavenly mix of lemon, vinegar, garlic, butter, basil and the taste of the ocean- the prawns. Of course, we said yes. As you can tell, the idea of reminiscing culinary goodness didn’t sit well within me for long. Sunday arrived and I got cracking in the kitchen, to not recreate the dish but to find my own sweet spot of garlic, butter and prawns, all done in the space of a humble domestic kitchen (filled with Asian condiments, of course!) As what I always say and do, “It is my first time at this.” The dish made was a blend of both minced and sliced garlic, rich fatty butter and great douses of golden olive oil. Topping it off, I went with B’s Polish family favourite, the Maggi Liquid Seasoning to lift out more aromatics in every bite and sips. In the oven it went and what’s served is a clear orange broth of all the aromatics, oils and the umami from the prawn heads. Lemon was drizzled after and what’s more Singaporean to do than to whip out our home-made Sambal Belacan to dip the steamy prawns into. We rate it a 8 and next time, maybe a much more tangy, even spicier version from this?


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