The Outside Ride

You know.

We sometimes say;

"it was a ride."


we have yet decide when to take an exit.

The euphoria of having a journey,

and being part of it,

captures life in our minds.

We rise up to challenges,

and mark our milestones.

Landmarks that past us by,

seem illusionary and quite the goal.

The window we see through,

while on the roads,

shields us from touch but yields us visual favours.

It feels,

almost like we are in a moving time capsule;

safe and prized.

With that vision,

ask yourself this question-

How does it feel, taste and sound like behind that glass?

Let the wonder take you places.

Feel free to wander off,

from this point on.

All you have to do after,

is to paste them all in as new visual mileage,

when you are back for the next ride,

behind windows,

and beside reality.

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